Biotherm | Carbios

Carbios and Biotherm have partnered to create a revolutionary pilot: the first beauty product in the world with a bottle made from 100% bio-recycled plastic. We were brought on board to tell the story of their partnership, by showing the similarities of their mission & process. 

Design & Production: XK studio
Client: Biotherm
Agency: AKQA Paris
Audio: Zelig Sound

Carbios is the world leader in biorecycling and biodegrading plastics. For the first time in the history of the plastics industry, Carbios makes it possible to recycle plastic waste to infinity by the pioneering use of biotech, at a micro scale. 

This narrative also describes Biotherm, who are strongly committed to sustainability and their latest product, a sun milk formula, is composed of ingredients that protect and respect the oceans. 

We created a split-screen format film, that deconstructs the scientific processes and draws visual similarities between the two companies while following a a minimal, tech and tactile art direction.