Matthew Wilcock | Out

Large scale audiovisual installation for Out, song by Matthew Wilcock from his latest album It Can Only Change.
Held at Outernet London in November 2023.
Direction, Design & Production: XK studio
Music: Matthew Willcock

Out is taken from the album It Can Only Change.
The album came from Matthew's distant encounter with the 2020 Beirut explosion in the form of voice message from a friend during the accident.

The installation is an impressionistic graphic score which explores the themes of the album thorugh experimental computer-generated imagery and material explorations driven and influenced by the music.

Video: 7280x1280 audio visual, 2023

Design Development

We were fascinated by the idea of 'graphic notation' and through an extensive design process, thoroughly examined how we can give it materiality, tactility and movement using the medium of CG and VFX,